Jamie HardyJennifer MillsMichelle Joseph
I think the Lima YMCA is a huge asset to the Lima Community. I take the Les Mills Body Pump Class as well as the CX Worx class. Both are a great work out and I love the people you meet in the classes. I count the people I know from the YMCA as close friends and I do things with them outside of the YMCA too. I think the exercise room offers a good variety of machines to use and if you want to try something you've never done, just ask, someone is always available to teach you.

Jamie Hardy

YMCA Member
I researched all Lima's exercise options before I joined the YMCA. Why the Y? They have all the new technology equipment, no waits for machines, tons of class options, clean locker rooms, friendly staff! Price wise with the huge selection they have to offer I felt the cost was very affordable compared to other gyms. Give it a try- your heart and your scale will thank you!

Jennifer Mills

YMCA Member
I LOVE the Lima Y! I always found it difficult to make the time to go to the gym since I have 3 kids, but with the free babysitting, it's so easy for my family! I love that classes are free for members! I'm taking 3 classes now. When I'm done working out, I take my kids down to the therapy pool. It's nice & warm & the kids love to swim. It's a nice way for us to spend time together. The staff is so friendly & I just love the instructors! Plus, for a family of 5, it's less than $60 a month! We LOVE the Y! It's helped us get back in shape & spend more quality time together as a family. I recommend it to everyone.

Michelle Joseph

Mother of Three

Annual Campaign

The Annual Fund is the YMCA’s most important fundraising vehicle and is crucial to the YMCA’s economic stability.  Most YMCA members are surprised to find that membership dues and program fees do not cover the cost of operating the YMCA.  Membership dues and program fees cover approximately 70% of the cost to operate the YMCA.

Our Annual Fund Drive efforts are designed to:

  • Solicit charitable gifts to bridge the gap between membership and program income and the actual cost of operating the YMCA.
  • Solicit charitable gifts for membership and program scholarships provided to those individuals and families in financial need.
  • Solicit charitable contributions for capital improvements to the YMCA facility and grounds.

A Promise Kept


To Put Christian values into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

As a charity, the YMCA puts its mission, “To put Christian values into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all,” at the forefront of all its activities.  Our commitment to living our charitable mission each and every day keeps us strong and focused.  Although grounded in our historical values, the YMCA continues to search for and collaborate on new solutions to our communities changing needs.

Blessed by the generosity of so many people in our communities, your YMCA supports families in balancing the pressures of busy lifestyles and welcomes each unique individual with healthy activities, valuable family time and programs instilling strong values in our children.

The Y: A Safe and Nurturing Place

Not everyone is born with the resources to succeed. Many people across the country are made to feel invisible because of environmental circumstance. But the truth is, all people are capable of greatness. All communities are filled with beauty. And the Y is dedicated to helping people grow.


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