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Pilates Reformer Personal Training

Stott Pilates Reformer Training Studio

Experience what the nation is buzzing about! Change the way your body looks, feels and performs with Reformer Pilates:

  • Flattens, Tones and Strengthens Abdominal Muscles
  • Develops Longer, Leaner Muscles
  • Improves Posture & Prevents Injury
  • Balances Strength with Flexibility
  • Relieves Stress & Tension
  • Enhances Body Awareness
  • Heightens Concentration
  • Enhances Athletic Performance
  • Increases Circulation & Improves Digestion

Pilates Reformer Training

Pilates Reformer Work uses a device with attached cables, pulleys and springs for resistance. You'll use your own body as resistance. Pilates exercises are very low impact and engage abdominal, the back, upper leg and gluteus muscles to stabilize the body's core. The exercises are modified according to each person's individual flexibility and strength limitations.

Contact the Health & Wellness Director at 419-223-6045 ext 310 for more information or to set up your sessions

Lima Family YMCA Pilates Reformer Training Session Policies

  • All sessions are 55 minutes in length.
  • Payment in full is required upon commencement of training.
  • "No shows” will be charged the full amount of the scheduled session.
  • Instructors may be substituted without notice
  • No on-line registration available.
  • Please arrive on time to benefit from your full session.

Pilates Reformer Instructors & Classes

Lima Family YMCA Pilates Reformer Instructors are highly qualified, having completed nearly 50 hours of training with nationally recognized Stott Pilates Reformer authorities..

In addition, our instructors have a wide variety of related certifications and trainings including indoor cycling, group exercise, personal training and yoga.

All classes will be held in our Pilates Reformer Studio.

One-On-One Pilates Reformer Training
A Stott Pilates Reformer instructor will guide you through your workout.

1 Session:  Member $25; Non-Member $45

5 Sessions:  Member $110; Non-Member $210

10 Sessions:  Member $200; Non-Member $400

Partner Private "Duet" Pilates Reformer Training
(One Instructor and Two Participants)
Workout with a spouse, partner, co-worker or friend and take your accoutability and motivation to a new level.  The camaraderie of partner training creates an enjoyable experience for all.

1 Session:  Member $20 per person - $40 Total 
                   Non-Member $40 per person - $80 Total

5 Sessions:  Member $90 per person - $180 Total 
                    Non-Member $190 per person - $380 Total

10 Sessions:  Member $175 per person - $350 Total 
                      Non-Member $375 per person - $750 Total

Team Reformer Pilates
Join the Lima Family YMCA for Team Pilates.  We have 4 great weekly times to choose from:
Monday & Wednesday:  9:30 am; 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm

Team Pilates is your chance to take Stott Pilates with a group of 5 people - Your instructor and 4 students. 
This class guarantees Pilates Reformer Training 2 times per week!

7-Week Session
FEE:  Member $110; Non-Member $260

*Before registering for Team Pilates, a series of One-On-One Pilates class is required.


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